Monday, April 26, 2010


Good evening. I thought we could open the discussion on teaching kids to pray. I have been somewhat bothered by the prayers my kids pray. It seems to be the same prayer each night, covering topics of school, family, etc. I understand that there is a growing level of maturity that comes with age. I do want to be more active in teaching them. What ideas do you have?

I also am aware of my own prayers, and I think I model them ok, but there are times when I don't even want to pray in front of my kids, especially when it's been a tough day.

Discussion is open!



  1. "Help Mommy to be nice and safe, and thank you for keeping us nice and safe, and help Grandma to be nice and safe..."

    That's the prayer of our 2-year-old. Where did he learn to pray this way? Do I sound like that? Are those my concerns?

    I don't want to be nice or safe. I want to be effective, dangerous, creative, intentional, willing to accept risk, and wise.

    But what I want is not the essence of prayer. Prayer is laying down what i want and then picking up what He wants. That's why it's hard work.

  2. So what things do you do to teach your kids to pray? One thing that occurred to me is to pray that while learn to pray. Any other ideas?